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I do not know why this happens, but it seems that any time we decide to start watching our caloric intake, our diet suddenly begins to look much more Mediterranean. Our refrigerator begins to fill with things like tomatoes, hummus, feta cheese, and various olives. We typically use a lot of olive oil in our diet anyway, but balsamic vinegar starts making a prominent appearance.

As usual, I slightly overestimated the quantities that I am taking in. Even if I drank the leftover liquid, I doubt I took in a whole tablespoon of olive oil. I tend to overstate the quantities a bit to keep myself honest. With the targets I set, i have a pretty good calorie allowance for the day, so there is no benefit to me by downplaying what I eat. My reasoning is that if I overstate and come in under the maximum end of the range, it means I have likely come in over the minimum recommendation, so it works out.

Speaking of overstating things, this mug looked smaller on the web site when I ordered it. Ah well - if my coworkers hadn't figured out that MLP thing yet, they may start to suspect something now.
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