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Picture a day-ish

While I would not call my "picture a day" project for 2013 derailed, I admit that it seems to have slid into a siding for the moment. The problem is not so much the lack of pictures - I have been taking lots - but I have not been labelling them and and adding them to the collection. At some point as things start to wind down again (early autumn, perhaps) I will try to set aside a day to go through my picture library and pad out some of the missing days.

This stained glass was from the Unitarian church up in Gimli, Manitoba. The minister there is a very engaging speaker, so we made the trip up there to take in one of his sermons.

My phone takes decent pictures. Not great pictures, but a far cry better than the useless, impressionist things that my previous phone or iPod take. It is a shame that it does not have the option for shooting RAW, but when I am out and find myself in a situation where I need a camera, my phone serves as a reasonable approximation of one.

My DSLR has a bunch of built-in effects that my earlier one did not. I will probably end up taking a few more funky shots like this before the novelty wears off.

There is one irritating feature of every camera I have met, where it does not save a RAW copy of the picture if you shoot using any special effects. Even switching it to full automatic will disable saving RAW. Why? Dear camera manufacturers, when I tell my camera that I want to save pictures in RAW format, I mean always save a raw version until I tell it otherwise.

This seems to me like it should be a self-obvious feature. I don't understand why it isn't.
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