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New best friend!

If I have learned one thing from being in different fandoms, it is that regardless of what you are fans of, people are still people.

The scourge of Mary Sue OCs seems to plague every one that I am in:

"Hi there, I'm Princess Neon Lightshow, and I'm your NEW BEST FRIEND, I'm the daughter of Queen Chrysalis and Lord Emberflame Darkwave, you probably haven't met him, but he's really powerful and evil but I'm nice and moving into Ponyville today, yeah I know I look awesome, but anyway I'm also Princess Luna's student and going to be the best spellcaster in the world someday and blah blah blah..."

NEW BEST FRIEND by ~Geomancing on deviantART
Noting, of course, that this one is obvious satire.
Tags: fim, mlp, oc, pony
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