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Desktop Renewal

Oh boy - I get to go through an itemized list of everything I had on my existing lab machine and justify why I need it on the new machine.

Alas, the forms to not have a check box that reads, "Pretend the reasons I gave the last time are still true today."

I didn't think that it was possible to lock down a machine (and still keep it barely functional enough to use) after their handiwork with our early NT 3.51 machines, but the subsequent Win2K and then XP machines proved me wrong. The current one is set to the wrong resolution for the crappy analogue monitor on which I am trying to configure it enough to be usable, and not only can I not change the resolution, but I can't even adjust the True Type fonts in order to make it readable.

Pretty much anything I click that isn't already installed on the Start menu pops up a request for an admin password. I will be able to fix both of those once (if) the request for LAC comes through, but in the mean time the machine straddles the line of useless.

I need to save up for one of those spiders that you hang on the front of your monitor so that you can tune the brightness and colour balance. This picture looks much better at home than it does at work.
Tags: bureaucracy, software
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