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Beach weather

Today was the first in some time when we had something approximating beach weather, so I took a trip up to Winnipeg Beach with my brother, his wife and their dog. I have been past Winnipeg Beach on my way to Gimli many times, but this is the first time I have ever ventured into the town itself. I guess it just never occurred to me that there was actually a town there - it had always just been the name of a place that had a beach with that name.

It had the look and feel of a place that had been built in the late 30s, and only begrudgingly updated since then. I liked it - had a dumpy sort of charm.

The weather started out very beach-like, but it grew breezier and cloudier as the morning wore on, and when the clouds started to look openly threatening, we took our leave.

The beach itself was mostly empty when we arrived, but it was nigh overrun by the time we left. When I wandered away to let my feet dry from my brief excursion into the water, I plodded up the grass hill behind the beach, through the trees and into a very pretty field with a pond ringed by trees. It was a fairly large area, and I was the only person who I could see in any direction. It was almost like finding my own, secret little garden that was right under everyone's noses, but they were too focused on the lake barely 100' away to even notice it.

You can see the clouds starting to collect in the west when I took this shot. They would not rest until they had blotted out the sun.

The black dog in the foreground is Kenze, my brother's pooch. The dog in the background arrived with the startled folks who had been sunning themselves moments before the mayhem erupted. The couple soon gathered up their dog and moved further up the beach so that they could sunbathe undisturbed.

I do not believe this beach is technically an off-leash beach, but it is unsupervised, so the off-leash dog folk have taken it over as a de facto off-leash area. This region is sorely lacking in off-leash areas, so people will take what they can get.
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