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Had to happen sooner or later.

I don't know what I expected today. Some co-workers admitted that they had considered festooning my desk with an embarrassment of ribbons and balloons, but they were not sure if I would be in today. It is not like I have ever taken my birthday off work, but I do have a somewhat unpredictable schedule when it comes to showing up at the office or working from home. To tell the truth, the only reason I did come in today was so that I would not look like a wet blanket if they actually went to the trouble of decorating.

That said, I am glad that they did not.

I have always considered the mid-century mark to be some kind of landmark year, but 40 seems to be the age where everyone makes a big deal about. When I look back at the quiet passing of 25 years, I should not be surprised that 50 would be treated as just another year, as will 75.

I suppose if I make it to the century mark, I can expect cake or be justly miffed if it does not happen. I want it to be a good cake, not some crumbly, dry, gluten-free, low-fat shit that they are likely to serve in a nursing home.

It is not that I am disappointed by the lack of hullabaloo over my birthday because I prefer for them to slide by largely unnoticed. The next forty-nine are free to do so as well, but there had better be fireworks on my hundredth.

That said, I'll see you all in fifty years. Bring your fork.

Had to happen sooner or later.
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