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Alaska and other things

We took a trip to Alaska with friends early in July, ostensibly to celebrate my birthday that happens later this month. The friends were not celebrating my birthday, per se, but that was the excuse that atara and I used for the trip.

If you see some pictures posted below then it means I have figured out how to coax Flickr into letting me post them in-stream like it used to. Under the new interfaced, its default setting seems to want to treat LJ more like Twitter or Facebook, with a single picture per post. While I suppose that would work after a fashion, it seems like a rather inflexible and spammy way of doing things here.

Got it - sort of. Meh - it doesn't automatically link back to the larger size of the picture, but it will do.

You can find all of the pictures (well, of the ones that I have posted so far) on my Flickr site.

I would rank Ketchikan as my least favourite stop on the cruise. It has all of the tourist trappiness of Skagway, but none of the kitschy charm.

It also has rows of fishing rods posing photogenically against the wall. The next time we take a cruise, it will more likely be to the British Isles, or at least somewhere other than Alaska. This is not because we do not like Alaska, because we have loved it on both trips, but we want test other ports before the state thinks we are settling in for a long-term relationship.

Alaska also has rocks. I can think of no good explanation for why I took this picture, or why I am posting it here.

I did not catch any jaw-dropping eagle pictures on this trip like I did on our previous cruise, but I did capture a pair of unicorns in their natural environment. These two appear to be dressed in their fineries and sipping Martinis in preparation for the Grand Galloping Gala.

Or more likely formal dinner, since they tend to do those on cruise ships.

The Hubbard Glacier was socked in by cloud and fog when we got there, and the waters were thick with chunks of ice from the earth quake a few days before. Alas, that prevented us from getting nearly as close to the glacier as we did on our previous trip - in fact we were so far out that my 200mm zoom was not strong enough to make pictures of the glacier itself worth while.

Fortunately the layers of cloud and fog made for some interesting pictures of the surrounding mountains.

The last time we were in Skagway, we got sunburned. This time it was under a low overcast with periods of rain and drizzle. Apparently this is much closer to normal weather for the town than our previous trip. I think that in the right setting, low clouds can be more scenic than blue skies anyway.

This ferry is part of the highway system, working its way up and down the coast. In spite of all its stabilizers, the cruise ship rocked and rolled quite actively at some points in the trip, so I can imagine how interesting it would be on a much smaller ship like this one. I don't suppose it would be a fun trip up the coast in late autumn.

And this boat was even smaller. One could hardly swing a thrashing seal by the tail without hitting one of these little fishing trawlers.

It never occurred to me to ask at the time if the water was cold. I suppose the huge, melting glacier and snow pack that supplied the water probably made the answer self-obvious.

I would not feel right posting a small flurry of trip pictures without including the creepy mechanical goat at Juneau.

In other news, I am turning 50 in a few days. I never expected to see 50 in this lifetime.

I am still writing, but these days it comes in short spurts, and I lack finish. I have three stories on the go at the moment, and I am hoping (fingers crossed) to actually finish one this week if work is not too crazy.
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