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I am trying to convince myself that I don't need a new camera. I don't mean a new mini camera like the one that I used for these shots, but a new SLR. The technology has come so far since I bought my venerable D80 that I am starting to feel a bit behind the curve.

It is not a problem with its features - though it is lacking a few slick ones from the newer cameras. I am not entirely unhappy with the image quality from my camera either. My D80 shoots 10mp versus 12mp for my newer S100, yet still manages to produce sharper detail in ideal conditions, even shooting in RAW on both cameras.

The big failing in the older D80 is its performance in lower light, or more specifically at higher ISO settings. It takes decent pictures at anything up to 400, and usable pictures up to 800. Anything beyond that yields pictures that produces images that one can only properly appreciate at a Zen-like level.

Newer cameras also offer nice features like GPS and WiFi; not must-haves, but certainly nice-to-haves.

On the other hand, even if I do not get a new camera before our trip this summer (not holding my breath, anyway), at least I will be starting the trip with a clean camera sensor. On our last Alaska trip, I spent a lot of time in post-processing, removing black specks from all of the pictures because the sensor was dusty.

You can tell that the cat is very relaxed when she is not either trying to press her nose to the lens, or doing her best to avoid eye contact with it. Belladonna was comfortable and warm under the lamp, so she spared only mild interest for the camera I was shoving in her face.

Things are finally starting to green up around this part of the world, though we are still at least two weeks behind where we were last year. After a long weekend that featured mostly cloud, wind and rain, we were not the only ones enjoying the break in the weather, Unfortunately, it is not expected to carry over to the weekend.
20130521 - Pavilion

Other parks have swans, but we have geese. They are loud, obnoxious, foul-tempered creatures. They honk and poop everywhere - pretty much like most of the denizens of this city. If you get the setting sun on them just right, though, they are almost photogenic.
20130522 - Goose
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