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Self-entitlement much?

Yesterday I mentioned that FimFiction had played an April 1st joke by announcing that they were going to begin banning all future stories that included Humans.

The comments from the users of the site are still flooding in, and almost all of them are...

panicky: "OMG, where am I going to post my shitty self-insertion fics now?"
angry: "OMG you fuckers, where am I going to post my shitty self-insertion fics now?"
petulant: "OMG, I'm going to pull all of my shitty self-insertion fics and post them to a place where they appreciate shitty self-insertion fics."
denial: "They're not serious, this is a joke right? I'm so depressed."
activist: "This isn't right. I demand that you let us post our shitty self-insertion fics. Everybody sign my petition."

The overall theme of the thread though was one of self-entitlement. There was a tacit suggestion (though explicit in at least a few of the messages) that the free, volunteer-run site somehow owed them something, and that the administrators needed to just shut-up, do their jobs, and be thankful that people chose to post their shitty self-insertion fan fictions on the site.

Here is a long depressing read to help quench any faith you might have in humanity.

The site owners seem to have taken it all in stride - I am pretty sure this was the kind of reaction they were expecting. They have a history of being shit disturbers, so they are used to it.

On the other hand, this served as a bleak reminder to me of why I am reluctant to volunteer my time for sites like this. I am not a big fan of human nature sometimes, and I don't think I would like being on receiving end of this flood of angry, self-entitled ingratitude.

"How dare you give the fandom a gift that does not cater more exclusively to my wishes! I demand you improve this gift until it meeds my exacting criteria. Now!"

I will grant that it was a slightly dickish prank, since they knew that it would generate this kind of fevered reaction and panic, but at the same time they owe these people nothing.
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