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April 1 update

The usual suspects have been posting their April Fools jokes today. Most are the fun, predictable ones you come to expect on this day, but one in particular has caused a glorious amount of butthurt.

FimFiction announced that they are changing hands, and the new administrator immediately passed an edict that they would no longer be accepting any stories with humans in them. Since the bulk of their submitters are angst-written teenagers writing mediocre self-insertion stories (both figuratively and literally), one might imagine that this caused a bit of a stir.

There were a few subtle clues in their announcements that should have triggered peoples suspicions that it was a hoax. The main administrator announced that he was handing it off for reasons that included being the victim of a hitman who broke all his fingers, he was disappointed about the lack of sequels being written for My Little Dashie (if you are not familiar with that story, don't waste your time looking it up), and he wanted to free up time to pursue his dream of singing opera.

The person he was handing it off to said (I am paraphrasing him a bit here), "Even though it is April 1st, and he wrote everything in a very silly manner, our administrator really IS quitting, and handing things off to me. My first act is going to be pissing off the majority of you by banning stories with humans in them."

People are getting violently worked up over it, though I think it is finally starting to sink in to some of them that it might actually be a hoax.

This sign is not a hoax - I took this one on Saturday when we were out shopping. I imagine it is probably a very tasty meatball, but it would be nice if they had more than one. As it is, it sounds rather unsanitary.
20130329 - Big Balls

We had big plans for an Easter dinner wth my brother and his wife. The envrionment tried to throw a wrench into it, and while it made things more interesting than they needed to be, dinner went well.

Our power went out at 00:30 on Sunday morning, and did not come back on until nearly 13:00. Our initial plan had been to have dinner at 3, but obviously that would been unlikely by then. If the blackout had dragged on for another twenty minutes our plan was to package up the ham and side dishes and drive to my brother's place to cook it.

atara had this morning off for Easter Monday, but I had to work (stupid federally-regulated company - grumble). I set my alarm, and we retired to bed at a reasonable hour. I was awakened at 00:30 by the loud "BLEEE" of the carbon monoxide detector in the hall losing power. I glanced at my clock, and it was black. In fact, it was dark both inside the house and through the window. Almost exactly 24-hours after the previous blackout, the power went out again. Just like yesterday's blackout, it was caused by a pole fire. Manitoba Hydro is blaming salt spray from the roads and wet snow on the lines.

I woke again when the power came back on at 2:30. Between setting up an alternate alarm clock, and the other interruptions (power, cats, etc), I got about three hours of sleep last night. Fortunately it was a quiet day at the office for a change.
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