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I live my life as a cautionary tale

It was -14 with wind chills pushing -30, but I wanted ice cream. I put on my coat, left the door and walked a kilometre to the Dairy Queen. The cone was delicious, and as an added bonus, it was so cold out the ice cream did not melt on the walk back to work. That was possibly least drippy ice cream cone I have eaten in a long time.
20130320 - Why? Because I wanted one.

I had a meeting with one of the General Managers today, and it felt like a final exam for which I had forgotten to study. I had been stressing about this meeting all week because it was in regard to a new scorecard I am supposed to be producing, but which was just not coming together. I had lots of blanks, and tables marked "TBA". For the most part I was just wanting to show the layout, even though they are expecting me to publish this thing on Monday.

This was in spite of my assurance this past Monday that I could have a final draft in place today, and publish the numbers on Monday.

My meeting was at 14:00, and at 13:00 I discovered that my source for the Revenue Tonne Miles did not, in fact, contain any RTMs at all. I had been ignoring that section because I had assumed that it was a gimme. Unfortunately it also happened to be one of the key metrics on this scorecard, and I suddenly had no source, and no clue as to where I could track down a source. I have always heard about people having panic attacks, but I have never experienced one of my own. I think I came very very close to having one today.

I got up from my desk, grabbed my coffee cup and walked briskly out to the lunch room for a break. When I returned, I wrote a (what I hoped was) calm IM to my boss, explaining that the source we thought we had for this metrics did not contain the metric at all, nor did its folder of feeder files. I was sure our operations scorecard had contained this metric (I should know, since I used to audit it on the weekends), so I was caught flat-footed when I learned that we were no longer reporting this key measure. I also sent a "WTF Dude?!" to the manager who assembles the operations dashboard.

After some networking and head scratching, we finally tracked down a spreadsheet that contained what I needed, and as an added bonus, it is produced by somebody in my office.

In the end, the call went fairly well. I made modifications to the dashboard based on their recommendations (unlike the last time we met for this, they had a copy of the same document in front of them as I had in front of me, so we could communicate more effectively). They were very happy with the layout, liked the changes, appreciated the simplicity of my design, and left the meeting with the expectation that it will be populated with numbers by Monday.

Well, that's stress for another day.

It occurred to me today that I have well over a gigabyte of ponies on a memory stick here. Other men will have pictures of cars, guns, sports figures, or their kids. I have pony princesses.

by ~tsurime on deviantART
Others might regard me as a bit strange for that, but I think it is their loss.
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