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2013YIP - Birthday Girl

We don't exactly know how old Jaws is, but her appointed birthday is the Ides of March. By our estimate she is about 17, but doing very well for a cat of her advanced years. I saw her napping on the bed and looking cute, so I grabbed my camera and came back to get a quick shot of the birthday girl. When I returned, she was awake and wondering where I had gone. She was much more interested in pets and cuddles than she was in posing for the camera, but in spite of that I managed to get a pretty good shot.

If you look into her eyes, you can see me reflected in them, and the flash bouncing off the wall behind me.
20130317 - Happy Birthday Jaws

I put Belladonna up on the top shelf of our new Ikea storage unit to see what she would do, and she responded by being photogenic.
20130315 - Peek-A-Boo
In other news, we are in dire need of new curtains and drapes for this room. Once we finish with our shelving project and clear out the front, I think that may be the next item on our list.

I have become something of a monitor collector at work. I seem to pick up a new monitor with every second desk move I make. When I moved to my first desk in this new office, it came equipped with a new keyboard, and a slightly abused (but still serviceable) monitor. It had somebody else's name on it, but when I checked their desk, they had two new monitors, so I suspect this one was an orphan.
20130313 - need more monitor
I probably could have procured another monitor in the move from that desk to this one (yes, they moved me again after a couple of weeks), but I feared becoming one of those crazy monitor people.

The commute to the new office is a bit of a grind - though only compared to my commute to the old office. As commutes go, I doubt I would get much sympathy from those living in larger cities by complaining about my 130-minute (round-trip) daily commute. Besides, the bus trip gives me time to relax and mull over ways to kill my fellow passengers and make it look like an accident. Not all of them, just the ones who crank up their headphones really loud, eat noisily, fling their hair over the back of the seat in front of me into my lap... you know, the ones who deserve it.
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