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I guess our city has grown large enough for some of the secondary chain restaurants like Famous Dave's to take notice. They opened an outlet here some time back, and we finally got around to trying them out today at lunch. The beef brisket was good, but not amazing. I would apply the same description to atara's ribs. I would put them about on part with most other chain restaurants serving the same fare. The sides were quite good, and the portions were generous.

They featured an assortment of barbecue sauces at the table that ranged in scope from sweet, to hot, to almost savoury. I tried them all and found that I tentatively liked half of them, and was indifferent to the other half. I daresay I would have liked them more but they tasted like they were 50% HFCS by volume; they had the tell-tale biting sweet that I have come to recognize as its signature. They had the texture of corn syrup as well. I may look up their nutritional information later, but I would bet money that HFCS is somewhere in the top three ingredients in most of the sauces.

My two favourites were their mustard sauce, and this one called "Wilbur's Revenge". Both are probably laden with corn syrup, but they managed to mask it behind heat, or other flavours.The latter of these two packed some good heat that sneaked up on you just as you thought you were in the clear.

We had an avocado that was on the verge of spoiling, so I mentally bandied about ideas in my head yesterday morning as to how I could incorporate it into breakfast. atara made baked avocado and eggs the other day. It was a unique experience, but we both agreed that baked avocado was not our thing - at least, not in that format. I decided that I would go for a simpler approach. I mashed it up with a bit of lemon juice and kosher salt, and spread it on toast. As an afterthought I drizzled it with a bit of Sriracha sauce.
20130305 - Breakfast
Some might argue that this is considerably more than a drizzle, but I would argue that compared to the layer of sauce I usually use, this is a drizzle.
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