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atara and I are taking our first stay-at-home vacation together in some time. My brother and his wife are due to hit town this weekend, and we wanted to be around to help them get settled. We also have a number of things around the house that have been on our "to do" list for ages, and this seems like a good excuse to put a tick in those columns. One of the items is to complete the conversion of our change room into a guest room/office.

When I first snapped this picture, I assumed that I was looking at the results of vandalism or an an accident, but once I uploaded it and got a better looks, it seems way too organized to be a random act. Vandals typically do not reattach the bolts.

On a final amusing note, shortly after I posted that picture on Flickr, I received an invitation to add it to the "urinals" group. I guess I have been on-line long enough to stop begin surprised that such a group even exists. I approved the invitation and, er, tossed my picture into the pot.
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