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I now know what the inside of a Chinese latex factory smells like

I am sure this knowledge will prove useful sometime down the road.

The move to the new office proved to be as annoying and filled with stupid as I had feared, but I am slowly falling into the routine of bussing to work 2-3 times a week. I am also beginning to become reacquainted with the bus people who I had managed to wipe from my memory after so many years of driving to work. There are the people invade your personal space, either because they are incapable of sitting in a bus seat without spreading their legs, or they lean on every corner, or toss their long hair over the back of their seat into your lap. There are the stinkers, loud talkers, blaring headphone kids, wackos, droolers, noisy eaters, serial coughers and a whole assortment of other unsavoury examples of humanity that seem to commute with me every day.

On the other hand, I catch the bus near the start of its route both coming and going, so I always manage to get a plum window seat before it fills up the rest of the way. It is not that I mind giving up my seat to an elderly person or invalid, but it is more pleasant to plug in my ear buds, tune out the world and idly watch the passing scenery so that I can pretend I am not packed in tight quarters like a herd animal on its way to the slaughter.

I could probably assure myself a seat of my own if I wore this thing in the mornings:
Relaxing with some wine after work

Sadly, I think there are some tedious laws on the books about not wearing a "mask" out in public. If not, there would be after my first couple of times wearing this to work.

By the way, is there anything they don't sell on Amazon?
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