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OC Madness

The darnedest things can happen on Reddit.

Somebody started a thread yesterday where they invited people to post their OC ponies. I created one on my alt account some time back to make fun of people who insisted on creating silly, pretentious OC Ponies. There was a flood of Juggalos (or Juggaho if it's a girl I suppose) posting their pretentious OCs a the time, and I could not help poking fun at them. I had a few rules in mind in order to be consistent with the others being posted.

1) It had to be an alicorn.
2) It had to be a Juggalo.
3) It had to have a dark back story.
4) It had to be better than your OC.

Meet Special Snowflake
I made this guy in something called Pony Creator - perhaps you've heard of it. His name is "Special Snowflake", and I gave him a suitably dark back story, and pointed out that he's in a relationship with Vinyl Scratch, etc. People did not know if I was serious when I first posted him last year (post got down-voted to oblivion), but when I posted him in the thread yesterday, I made it plain that he was a parody, poking fun at all of the pretentious OCs.

I added the cutie mark afterwards in a program called MS Paint - perhaps you've heard of it.
Special Snowflake

Out of the blue, a bored artist drew him. (Fanboi squee)
Special Snowflake
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