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Brother Plonq

In case anybody accidentally thought that I possessed a modicum of talent, here is a sample of my handiwork (hint: it is white). A group of us were given balls of clay and invited to make it into whatever we wanted. I did not make the cube - which is unfortunate because unlike the other sad little sculpture, it is actually pretty well-formed.

for the sake of comparison, here is a sample of what others managed to produce with the same medium.
20130127 - A Rose is A Rose

Nature is a far better sculptor than I.
Winter Flowing

I am amused by this chubby little squirrel clutching a nut that is almost as large as its own head. The squirrels are especially cute this time of year.

This little critter was scampering all over the tree, popping in and out of various crevices. Since it took nothing from any of them, I assume it was just taking inventory of its larder and making sure nobody had been poaching its food. Or it might have been scampering about aimlessly as they are wont to do that too.

Mmmm, frozen seeds. Again. I suppose it is better than starving. The birds make good use of the feeders at this time of year.
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