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20130113 - But is it art?

Today you get three pictures taken with three different cameras.

All three of them are also slightly esoteric.

The first was taken with my Nikon at 1/1600 of a second. I uploaded it to Flickr the other day, then re-uploaded it today with the proper Exif tags. For some reason PS randomly replaces the Exif tags with its own spam tags when I edit a picture. I recently downloaded an app that lets me import and export the tags so that I can restore them before I upload. I like to have those tags for my Flickr stats.

This falls under "random stuff behind our garage". When I post this to Facebook, I left it as an exercise to the viewer to try and guess what it was. There was only one taker, who got it wrong.

It is an insert from our old eaves troughs that prevented leaves and sticks from going down the drain pipe. Why it is sitting in a mason jar and covered in snow behind our garage is a question for another day. I took this one with my Canon.

This bit of art occupies the foyer outside of Boon Burger. They started off as a vegetarian restaurant, then went full vegan, and also a little strange. That aside, the food is quite good (if you stay clear of their "phish" burger). They are one of the places on my list to take somebody if they are visiting Winnipeg and want to eat somewhere different. (Though in truth, I think Unburger makes better burgers overall, Boon has amazing fries.) I shot this one with my phone as we were leaving.
20130113 - but is it art?
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