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20130108 - Lending a hand

One of the downsides to taking daily pictures is that some people see it as not normal. When I saw the sea of hand prints on the frosty glass of this stairwell, I immediately saw it as a photo opportunity. Passers by in the stairwell did not seem to share my opinion, and I got a lot of strange glances as I lined up 2-3 shots, tweaking settings and even swapping cameras. I was not blocking the stairs - they are very wide - but I think a few folks were annoyed that they could not walk three abreast as they passed me. Oh, the inconvenience!

Most of the prints had obviously been left by children (or Hobbits) but overall they covered a wide gamut of heights and sizes. The first were probably left by somebody leaning against the glass, trying to peer through the frost. The rest were left by people who saw it not so much as opaque windows, as a blank canvas on which to leave their temporary mark on the world.

My picture album cannot be considered complete without at least one Pinkie Pie in it. She may not feature front and centre in a lot of pictures, but I may make a point of sneaking her into a few shots now and then. Some of you may recognize her from a few of my vacation shots, since this is my travelling Pinkie. In this case, I put her in a little patch of virgin snow on a whim, and I really liked the juxtaposition of the cheery pink pony against the otherwise drab background. The word "colourful" is not one that people tend to pull out when describing our city at this time of year, but I like to think that I have done my small part in alleviating that.

I shot this one while we were walking on the river - well, by the river at this point, but our return trip was down the middle of the Assiniboine river. They opened the river trail this weekend.
Tags: 2013yip, d80, frost, ice, nikon, winter
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