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A Picture A Day

After failing miserably last year, I am only venturing into this again because atara is also doing it, and we can each keep the other in line.

My rules are the same as the ones I laid out last year - I will try to upload a picture every day, though if I do not get a good picture on a particular day then I will feel free to post a better one taken on an earlier day - within limits because I want the pictures to be a pretty good representatin of the time of year when they were taken.

Where better to start than the start? We had hoped to have a big feed of Chinese food at Winter Garden on New Year's Eve, but they were so busy that they were not seating until late, and we had the choice of waiting for 90 minutes before they started seating, or dine elsewhere.

We went for Indian food, then came back the next day for the Chinese food. While we were waiting for our order, I snapped a shot of our teapot for no reason other than that it was there. On a whim, I applied a solarising filter and I liked the results. I don't think that it is a particularly good picture, but I decided that I may as well star the year by lowering peoples expectations with a (mostly) contentless, over-processed shot.

We set up the angel chimes for Christmas this year, and as usual we did not get around to lighting them. The main reason for that is cats. Candles and cats are not a happy combination.
20130102 - Angel Chimes

I already posted this one, I won't go into any more detail about it. I only reposted it here to fill out the full sequence of pictures.
20130103 - Lamb Platter

I decided to spend my last official day of vacation making a mushroom and spinach lasagne. atara told me that I was crazy, and in retrospect she was right. Still, it is delicious.
20130104 - Lasagna

No pictures please. The other cats can be very camera shy at times, but Merry is anything but shy.

It was taken in poor lighting, and has been bludgeoned with a filter, but this is better than the other picture I took today. And it's kind of cute.
20130106 - Owl is well
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