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2012 we hardly knew ya

I nearly responded to a post on Facebook, where I was doing to delve into the world of homosexuality, marriage, sin, and a lot of other loaded topics with my usual mix of irreverence and blasphemy. I was one nose-scratch away from posting it when it suddenly occurred to me that posting that on Facebook would make it visible to my family and friends who are not used to my "usual mix of irreverence and blasphemy". In fact some of them are what I would charitably describe as rather fundamentalist Christian1. Wiping away a bead of sweat, I slowly moved the mouse away from the "post" button because I was certain that at least a few of them would read it the wrong way...

Boom! Headshot!

Few, if any of them follow me here though because, well, Livejournal is a seething den of sin and homosexuality, and also they have never heard of this place.

I got a little stir-crazy after spending most of the last two weeks holed up in the house (which was kind of my vacation plan all along, but sometimes I like to be reminded of why I don't leave the house) and I walked up to Baraka's Pita Bakery for lunch.

I ordered one of their lamb platters:
20130103 - Lamb Platter

And washed it down with one of these:
Fermented Milk
Fermented Dairy Drink does not sound very appealing, but it was better than the name suggests. It is almost like a thin, lightly-salted, drinkable yoghurt -- well, it was better than the description suggest too.

One of the many things I love about this restaurant is the small-neighbourhood, family-run feel of it. Even though I got there at the tail end of the lunch rush, there was a steady stream of people coming and going, and the guys operating the counter and stove knew all of them by sight, if not necessarily by name.

1Other times I am less charitable and call them batshit wingnut Christian.
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