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Our guild has decided to get serious about the current raiding content (or as serious as a guild this casual is wont to get) and has assembled a "progression" raiding team that runs on Friday and Saturday nights.

Since we have no social life to speak of, we have been running with the Friday night group, but we were reluctant to sign up with the progression group for a couple of reasons. First, we don't want to commit to raiding on the two nights of the week when we have the best odds of actually getting out and socializing with real, physical people. Secondly, we were both afraid that the progression group was likely to include three of the people from the regular Friday runs.

Specifically, there is a hunter, druid and mage who are the antithesis of progression. The hunter works a late shift, and she often has trouble staying awake during the raids, let alone actually responding to the mechanics and moving out of things. The druid is one of those people who you cannot help but like when you meet her, but she is inattentive as a tank. I daresay she is probably responsible for the majority of our wipes when she is tanking. Finally there is the mage. She puts out really good numbers, but that's because she plays her mage like a turret. She stands in stuff, ignoring instructions and a lot of fight mechanics because she tunnels on her dps.

Take those three out and we have a pretty solid raiding group.

Anyway, they cajoled us into running with the newly formed progression group this weekend and it went pretty well. The hunter did not sign up for the progression group, and the druid brought her boomkin/tree instead of her tank (yes, she has a lot of alts). She is still a bit inattentive at times, but the game is a lot more forgiving if you are slightly inattentive as dps then as a tank. As for the mage, it seems like it was the one fight that was giving her a lot of trouble (because it requires a lot of spontaneous reaction and movement rather than the more scripted stuff from the next two fights).

We had fun this weekend and managed to down the first three bosses. I would give this progression group a decent chance of actually progressing. We still don't want to commit to two days of raiding, but we have let them know that we are both free to fill spots if they are short a body now and again. Failing that, I think this group has poached a couple of people from the regular Thursday group, so maybe we can make that our regular raiding night.
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