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Con Crud

In spite of all the hand washing and liberal use of hand sanitizer, I managed to come home from the convention with a minor cold. I am not surprised, as it sounded a bit like a tuberculosis ward at the breakfast buffet on our last morning there. atara has managed to avoid the cold so far, but I daresay that if yesterday was the worst it plans to hit me with then I will count myself as lucky.

I don't know if this man was checking in or out, but the automated kiosk was apparently giving him trouble. He spent at least ten minutes at the kiosk while a parade of various hotel staff came by to help him. Just a thought, but when something has not worked after the first five minutes, it may be a cue to step to your right and let a real human tackle the issue.

Anyway, here is another of the hotel staff pitching in to help with whatever was giving him trouble. I have mentioned before that I am a big fan of the surreal, Kubrickesque lighting in the lobby of this hotel, and this picture manages to capture a bit of that.

The bulk of pictures that I took at the con were of the fursuit parade. Fursuit production is starting to reach a point of maturity, which is a mixed bag of blessings in my opinion. On the plus side, the quality of the suits in the parade gets better every year. On the down side, as 700+ suits pass you, there is a growing air of sameness about them. I think part of that is because more people are commissioning them than creating their own. Let's face it, if the choice is between building a baggy suit with an ill-fitting, cut-foam head or ordering a custom-fit suit with 3D eyes and an articulated jaw, who wouldn't spend the extra few bucks for a clean, professional-looking getup? I've been tempted a few times myself...

I am not going to lie - I think I prefer the current state to the droopy, smelly suits of bygone times, but at the same time I do feel like we've lost a bit of the charm. My biggest quibble was the sameness of a lot of the suits, and I am wondering that this is just a transition phase, like when every artist was trying to emulate Michele Light. Anyway, this is just a quibble rather than a complaint. They all had better suits than mine.

A surprising number of people in the parade paused to pose toward the empty exit doors across from us during the parade, ignoring the crowd on our side of the hall. There were a lot of great suits that I did not capture in my shots because the moment they got to us, they turned their backs. atara noticed this too, and wondered if they were mistaking the light from outside as camera flashes. I know the visibility in some of those suits can be pretty limited, so that's possible.

On the other hand, this lad knew an audience when he saw one, and he struck a dramatic pose for us. Alas, sucks for him that he totally got photobombed by Timon in the background.
Timon Photobomb

There were a few suits that really stood out for me. This was one of them. The delightfully alien, opalescent eyes gave it a mysterious appearance.
Those Eyes

Another bird, caught in one of those weird freakish moments when the world switches to black and white. What, it does that for you too, doesn't it? I can't be the only one.

I did not notice T&P back there until I was processing the pictures long after the con was over. atara has accused me of being very unobservant at times. I wonder why?
He's a Hawk

Yo dawg.
Yo Dawg

Anyway, there are a few more pictures up on my Flickr page, and I am going to process some more tonight or tomorrow if I am feeling better. Expect another mini-flood here over the next couple of days.
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