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I find this less than useful.

Maybe I am old school, but when I see a file requester with a "Modified" field, I assume that it refers to the date on which the file was last modified.

Not in SAP. SAP don't play dat!

It crapped out entirely and quit working at all as a file requester shortly after I took this screen shot. My fault for asking it to display more than one file type at a time.

While I am complaining, I wanted to slap a co-worker over IM yesterday. Somewhere in the transition from Windows XP to Windows 7, his automatic VBA mailing script stopped working. It was not the switch to 7 that caused it, mind you, but the switch from Office 2003 to Office 2010 that happened at the same time.

I dealt with this issue over a year ago when I made the jump to Office 2010. Unlike my change-fearing co-workers, I worked under the assumption that the sooner I made the switch over, the less work it would be down the road when the upgrade became mandatory. The change was fairly straight-forward, and involved switching from using the CDO library to the Outlook library itself. I also switched it from late to early binding while I was at it - once again, that whole "early adopter" thing at play.

We messaged back and forth, and swapped emails about the issue on Friday, and again for most of yesterday. With my guidance he managed to get all but one of his scripts running. The last one was generating an error that he could not figure out. When I pressed him for details, he could tell me the error (a generic "bad function call" error), but he could not tell me where it was occurring.

I finally did what I should have done from the start and just asked him to send me the source code. I was reluctant to do that because I wanted him to fix it himself, rather than just fixing it and sending it back to him so that he would know how to deal with it in the future. When I got a look at the code, I saw that he had error trapping that redirected the error message to a log file. I had specifically asked him on Friday to remove error trapping so that he could isolate where errors were happening.

I commented out his error traps, and on the first run it crashed on the line where he was attempting to attach a spreadsheet to his mail message; he was treating a method like it was a property. I told him what to fix, and mercifully it all seems to be working for him now.

Partly it is my own fault for being so helpful, but this is all stuff that I figured out on my own, or at least learned after spending a minute or two on Google. For fuck sake, I work in IT. Is it too much to expect that a minimum requirement for this department would be to figure out how to use a search engine?
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