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Chapter 4 is done and hosted, that just leaves the last unposted.

For those who are following it, the next chapter is up in my story.

I finished the story this morning, but when I sent the final chapter off to atara for editing, she noted that it was as long as any two of the previous chapters combined, and she suggested that I might want to cut it into two.

I split it at the logical breakpoint she suggested, and I will post the concluding chapter on Monday.

I have not written a lot of fanfic, at least not recently. My last attempt was a Lion King/Cthulhu crossover that rambled aimlessly for about ten chapters before I lost interest for a number of reasons that I am not going to dig up again here. One of the downsides to writing fanfics - especially parody stories like this one - is that it counts on the reader to have at least a passing familiarity with the subject and characters.

While some of the humour in this story is straight-up slapstick, a fair bit of it depends on the reader knowing the personalities of the actors involved.

“Spike, you shouldn’t feel threatened by this gem golem,” said Twilight Sparkle without looking up from her book. “Wasn’t it just last week that you called me a slave driver? Don’t you want a mindless servant who obeys every command without question?”

“I don’t know, Twilight,” said Spike hesitantly. He was wringing his hands nervously and looking up at the seven foot, sparkling monstrosity standing between two of the towering bookshelves. “The princess was pretty angry with you when your last creation went on a destructive rampage through the town. You promised her you wouldn’t do it again.”

The pony sighed and turned a page in the dusty book. It had taken a bit of digging to find My Fyrste Golem: Ye Darke Arte of Abominable Anymation in the dingier recesses of the Canterlot library. “I promised her that I wouldn’t reanimate the dead any more. I said nothing about golems,” said the lavender unicorn. “Aren’t you looking forward to having another body around here to help with the cleaning and cooking? Won’t it be nice to have a meal that isn’t full of shed scales?”
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