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Lining up the fence

One of the things I had to take care of before the fence guys can do their work here is to call the various utility companies and get clearance for them to dig.

Manitoba Hydro just left, after spraying a yellow arrow on the front walk. Manitoba Telecom took my details, then called back with a clearance number (since their cables are above ground in this part of town). The other number listed on the invoice was for Shaw. I called the number listed, and the girl at the other end was confused by my query. When I explained again what I needed, she said that she would have to patch me through to their technical support number to handle that.

After a moment on hold, I was put through to another office, where the girl was even more confused. I explained several times why I was calling, and finally she got it. She took down my name and address information, then put me on hold for a few minutes. Finally she came back on the line and tentatively asked, "...are you calling from Winnipeg?"

The girl out here had apparently patched me through to their office in Vancouver. After a bit more confusion, she offered to give me the numbers for Manitoba Hydro and Manitoba Telecom. When I assured her that I already had clearance and papers from both of those companies, she gave me the local number for Shaw Communications -- the same number I had called originally.

Both phone and cable are above ground here, but I need the clearance numbers from them before these guys will start digging to put in a fence. I am going to give them what I have, and tell them that if they happen to cut through any Shaw cables in their digging, then it's Shaw's own damn fault.
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