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I updated my iPod to the latest iOS the other day, resulting in what is essentially a factory reset on the device. I had been putting off the update for some time because of that, and while I assume there is probably a decent explanation for why they had to wipe all of the data with the update, it still annoyed me a bit because this is the third time I will have to fill the device from scratch. It is at times like this when I start to regret that I bucked up extra for the 64GB model.

My annoyance was tempered a bit by the fact that the upgrade is definitely an improvement, and a number of the songs on the device were corrupt anyway. I had been making a growing list of songs that needed to be replaced.

Aaaand here we get back to the part where I am annoyed again. The reason the songs were corrupt (I hope) was because I copied them to the device across the network (the songs reside on the file server in the basement, and I was copying them to the iPod connected to my computer upstairs). It seems that iTunes does not work well with things pulled across a network, and I had a disturbing number of songs that picked up bleeps, pops and stutters during the transfer process. With many of the songs, the iPod would simply skip to the next song halfway through. In those cases I don't know if iTunes only copied half the song, or the iPod determined the song was too corrupt to continue playing and skipped to the next.

In any event, I know the source songs are good because I double-checked them in WinAmp, so the taint was introduced either in iTunes (my guess), or on the iPod itself.

This time around, I used Sneakernet to bring the songs from the server downstairs up to my laptop on an external HD so that I don't have to cross the network to refill the iPod. I am hoping this will improve my listening experience once I have it filled up again. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I had mentioned here before that atara and I are looking to change carriers, and upgrade our phones. Our current contracts do not run out until the latter part of November, and though we have considered buying out the contract and switching to the latest Samsung phones, a part of me would like to hold off and see what the iPhone 5 has to offer. The Android makers have really raised the bar quite a bit, but Apple has shown that they can work pretty well under pressure when they need to.

I am not a fan of Apple on many levels, but I am fairly pragmatic when it comes to biting the bullet and going with what seems like the best product (assuming the iPhone 5 is the better product when it comes out). The biggest impediment to me going with an iPhone though is iTunes. The thought of owning another device that is tied to, dependent on, and waiting to be accidentally bricked by that foetid, stinking, festering mound of bloatware fail does not appeal to me.
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