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Accomplished liar

I hit the skip button a couple of times to find a song that might be somewhat relevant to this post, and this one came up on the third try. I would be hard pressed to think of a better song for it.

Here is a bit of back story for what is behind the cut. Somebody posted on a forum I frequent, asking about the fan perception of a character in a cartoon series that I follow. In answering the question, somebody made reference to the character's daughter. I jumped in and said, "Just so you know, her daughter is fanon too."

He followed up with, "Please don't hate me for asking, but what does fanon mean?"
What you see behind the cut is what followed. I left the names intact because it is a public forum, so I am not revealing anything that would normally be hidden from universal view.


A good friend of mine once quipped about me: "You can tell an accomplished liar when people don't even believe him when he is telling a self-obvious truth." I don't know which I find more disturbing, the fact that people sometimes believe me when I go off into one of my fanciful tangents, or that people think that I am genuinely dumb enough to believe what I am saying.
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