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Thanks to you, I had a nervous breakthrough.

Well, perhaps the words of Luscious Jackson don't quite fit here, but I definitely had a nervous tic if nothing else.

I did some maintenance today, backing up some music, videos and photographs to the file server down in the basement. I was a little nervous because a lot of my more recent libraries resided only on my desktop - the one on which the redundant raid broke a few years ago, so it has been functioning as a couple of 500GB drives. On the one hand, the additional storage of having two drives was nice, but on the other hand, the lack of redundancy has made me, well, nervous.

After I was done pushing more files down to the server today, I had a quick look at the file statistics for my photo directories:
File Server Pictures

These are just my pictures - atara has her own library of photographs as well.

Now I'm suddenly nervous about our lack of off-site backup. We have talked about loading up an external HD and stashing it in a safe deposit box, or maybe buying up some cloud space. Given how cloud storage seems to have become a target of certain governments of late, the safe deposit box sounds like the more enticing option to me.
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