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Salad days

In some respects I regard Greek Salad as just a means and excuse for shovelling kalamata olives and feta cheese into my maw. That is not to say that the salad is not good in its own right, but I could (and have) shamelessly make a meal of the cheese and olives.

Pictured here is the base salad, made almost exclusively from ingredients from the farmers' market or our own garden. Obviously the olives and cheese are not local, but I will convince myself that they are organic and ethically-sourced. As you can see, I am not big on lettuce when it comes to my Greek salads. This one includes a red onion, sweet white onion, green peppers, a couple of hot peppers from our garden, a few fresh tomatoes, a cucumber from our garden and then a generous helping of olives and feta cheese.

The dressing is a red-wine/wine vinegar and olive oil base with garlic, dijon, and some lemon and sweet basil from the garden. I brought some of it to work for lunch today, and I am happy to report that it tastes just as good as it looks in the picture (take that as you will).

We've been going to the farmers' market for years, and we have seen groundcherries for sale every year at about this time, but we finally decided to try them this weekend. When you peel away the paper husk, there is what looks like a tiny cherry tomato inside, but much sweeter. I brought a few in my lunch today, but I think that I will bring a few fewer tomorrow. They are nice, but almost too sweet in large quantities.

Somebody posted a list to Reddit today of all the bad behaviour he saw at EFNW this year. I slapped his wrist over it, asking what he was hoping to accomplish by posting such a list other than arming the media and blind siding the convention staff. He responded that he was trying to "raise awareness." Well, everyone is aware now, but I'm not sure what the hell he expects us to do about it.

Also, it is starting to look like the list of grievances are unsubstantiated accusations posted on the tumblr of a girl who was a) not at the con, and b) has a personal axe to grind with some of the con staff.
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