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Do I need a 35mm lens?

I am either trying to talk myself into one, or out of one. I have a 50mm lens, and I love it immensely, but I find that it just pulls things in a little too tight for my liking. I am afraid that I am going to back off a pier, or into traffic while trying to frame a picture with it.

In many respects, with my camera a 35mm lens would function more like a proper 50 anyway, but I am not sure if going from a 50 to a 35 is a big enough change to warrant the expense.

On the other hand, I could get a somewhat slower 24mm lens for about twice the price - and I would definitely notice the difference going down to that size. What to do?

f/1.8 50mm lens for which I could almost pay cash out of my allowance, or f/2.8 24mm lens at twice the price?

Any suggestions from you camera buffs out there?
Tags: camera, lens
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