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Our Ohio Adventure

Later today (or tomorrow) I am going to write a longer entry about our Ohio trip, and rest assured there is a picture dump or two in the works as well. The good news is that I had fun at atara's class reunion. I only vaguely knew a small number of people there, but they had an open bar, and her classmates were good about not making spouses feel excluded.

The last time I saw my niece and nephew they were about the size of a large pot roast, and we had to wear surgical masks for the whole visit because they had underdeveloped immune systems. This time they are normal, happy, healthy 22-month olds. They are not talking a lot yet, but they are full of character and personality. I took quite a few pictures of them on the trip, but these are two of my favourites.

I originally posted both of these to Facebook in full colour, but when I got home and started playing with the raw files (I don't have the Canon raw software on my notebook), I decided that they look better in black and white.

Josephine does not smile as much as her brother does (though she has a very cute smile when she wants to turn on the charm). Her neutral expression is one of haughty, mild interest. Although it may look like she is leaning on the piano, posing for the shot, she is actually assessing me to decide if my camera is more interesting than the piano behind her. She was idly plinking the keys while she made up her mind.
Jo Piano

This was the picture that made me decide to convert to black and white because it contextually reminded me of a vintage 1930s picture of a man reading the newspaper. I could probably find the original with a bit of work, but I am happy with the way this one turned out. Ike loves to "read" the newspaper just like the adults.
Ike Paper
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