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What are the odds?

Day 2, and most of our email, web portals and other critical communication services are still out. Since a lot of my job relies on things that reside on the Calgary servers, this makes for a rather long day for me.

We share a building with Air Canada (for the moment - we'll be moving at the end of summer). Their main servers are three floors below us. Their backup servers are in Montréal. It is not unusual for a company to put their emergency backup servers in another city.

Apparently Shaw knew better than that though. As a major hub for all sorts of critical communication services, they decided that their emergency backup servers were too important to let them out of their sight, so they kept them a bit closer to home.

In the same building.

A floor or two below their main ones.

What's the worst that could happen? The only time they ever need to roll over to backup is when one of their techs spills a large Mountain Dew into the main servers, right? It's not like transformers ever explode and set the building on fire. I mean, what are the odds?
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