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Not much new in my world

Amid the toil and strife in others lives, I lead a boringly mundane existence of work, sleep, eat and mucking about on the computer. I am not complaining because I consider myself fortunate in this respect. It leaves me free to dwell on trivial things like cats, herb gardens, and World of Warcraft.

Things are going well in the new guild. They are missing a lot of people to Diablo 3, and to others who are simply taking a break until the next expansion, but there are still people on to talk to any time I log in. I was really missing the social aspects of the game in our previous guild once everyone went their separate ways and stopped playing. This new group are a likeable bunch, and we are slowly starting to fit in and feel like we belong. We've already had one member of our previous guild move over, and a couple of others have made noises about coming here as well.

I like the way this picture turned out, though it does not capture the full coolness of the moment. The shadow faded in and out as clouds moved briskly across the sun, which was a neat effect, but conversely made it tricky to capture a picture. Every time I lined up a shot, the shadow faded out.

One of the joys of working in the city centre - and one of the things I am going to miss when they move our office to an industrial park in the outskirts - is the plethora of hot dog carts. Pictured here is an jalapeño-cheese smokie with onions, sweet-onion mustard, hot sauce and banana peppers. It was delicious and satisfying.
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