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If we had not deviated from our usual route through the park this evening (opting to take the longer path) I would not have seen this little cluster of photogenic fungi. With the cool, wet weather we have been experiencing this spring I expect we will be seeing more of these.

They are not normally this orange, but the sun was very low in the sky casting a wonderful golden glow over everything.
If this weather keeps up, it should be a bumper year for chanterelles at the farmers' market this year. It might not be such a bumper crop for other things, though. Earlier this spring the farmers in the area were concerned because it was so dry - especially on the back of a very dry summer last year, and a lower-than-average snow fall this winter.

Now they are concerned about flooding. I feel for them.

Ocean King is quite a pleasant little Chinese restaurant just a few blocks from here. I would not rate it as the best Chinese restaurant in town, but it is quite good. I love it for its dated, 70s pizzeria décor. I also love that the owner always throws an extra treat or two into the bag when we package up the rest of our dinner to go.
I was born in the year of the rabbit (a water rabbit to be more precise). According to the Chinese zodiac, I pair well with a pig or dog, but even better with a white wine and a cream sauce.
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