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Back on the rails

After neglecting it for months, I am going to get back into actively tracking my calories and physical activity. That is not to say that I have been eating unhealthy lately, but I need to get back to watching the how much as well as the what.

For the past few months my lunches have consisted of stuff like this:

While that is on the right track, it does not do a lot of good when I combine it with things like this:

or this:

This is not to say that I will be cutting out treats entirely, because the best way to ensure that I don't follow a diet is to make it unpleasant. By tracking it all,though, it lets me strike a karmic balance. I will allow myself a muffin, or a doughnut as long as I can see on paper that I need to cut out something else to compensate.

I also need to get more active again. With the nicer weather we have started taking semi-daily walks, and we have hauled our bikes out of storage again. The first time I hopped on my bike last week, my first thought was, "Man, I missed this."

In other news, I have gotten a bit sloppy about posting new pictures here as I add them to my 2012 collection. I am going to work on updating here more often as well.
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