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Something queer about this beer

atara and I swung by Half Pints and grabbed some of their latest seasonal beer yesterday. We missed it last year because we were out of town when it was released, but by all accounts it sold out in about 30 minutes anyway, so it is debatable if we would have scored any of it anyway.

We have not opened any of this yet, but we got to sample some of it up in their tasting room, and I must say this is a very agreeable lager. Apparently they have changed the formula since last year (when it was released to rave reviews), but they assured us that this year's is better.

These two pictures were taking with two different cameras; one with my newer Canon S100, and the other with my old (recently returned from the shop) Nikon D80. I think that both pictures turned out ok, but the one from the Nikon is a bit better IMO. I think the Canon does a bit better of a job in lower light conditions thanks to its CMOS sensor, but the Nikon wins for overall clean shots because of its larger (in size, not megapixels) sensor and better lenses.
See if you can guess which one is which.
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