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Blue Monday

Blue is the streak that I am inwardly swearing right now. EDS has finally managed to break an application that I wrote back in 2005 with their latest mangling of our Windows 7 installs. They seem to operate under the more things they break, the more secure the system becomes.

Today I am pouring through an updated application that I wrote in 2009, but never got approval to implement. Most of the cursing is at myself for not documenting the code better than I did. Building maps and documentation was in my "to do" list for once it got rolled-out, so today I am doing an awful lot of head scracthing in places. At least I have got it past the point of cascading errors and failures to the point where it simply doesn't work.

The first thing I am going to change once I get this thing working again is to re-write almost all of the variables with more meaningful labels.

You know spring is nigh when the dogwoods start to bloom. After our freakishly warm weather in February and March, we have settled down to more seasonal temperatures for the past few weeks. The farmers are a bit concerned over the lack of rain - especially with how little snow cover we got this year. I find that ironic, because some parts of the province are still under flood waters from last spring. It sounds like we have all of the water that we need if we could just figure out how to distribute it more efficiently.

I gave somebody a slide show tour of my "Picture A Day" project from 2010 and I was immediately struck by the vastly superior quality of the pictures I took that year. I don't think that I have become a worse photographer per se, but this new camera has made me a little lazy. Also, in 2010 I made an effort to make every picture a piece of art, while this year has been more about just documenting the days and events.

On that note, we sometimes eat in a less-than healthy manner. Most would call this junk, but I call it comfort food.

atara's little plantation in the garage is coming along nicely. Soon these little guy swill be making trips outside during the day to toughen up to the elements before they eventually get transferred to the garden. Victoria Day is the usual "get out and plant things" day in this part of the world.
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