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I have taken up smoking

Don't judge me, lots of people do it.

I started with some cheese and tofu.

I left it in a bit longer than the recipe called for because it was cold and windy, and I was afraid that I was losing a lot of the smoke to the elements. In the process I learned that this smoker does not appear to be affected by wind, so I will know for next time. The cheese was really good when it first came out of the smoker, but after being bagged up in the refrigerator for the past few days it has grown stronger and stronger, to the point where it is smoky to the point of being slightly bitter.

Live and learn.

I have found that if I shave off the smoky outside of the cheese, the interior is still pretty strong, but without the bitterness, so I will call this a qualified success.

I did not marinade the tofu or prepare it in any other way before I smoked it, other than patting it thoroughly dry before I put it on the rack. I had a bit of it for dinner last night, and it was pretty good as well, if also a bit strong. I sliced it thin and sautéed it in a bit of butter before adding some diced ham, peas, and finally stirring in an egg and soy sauce. It did not quite come out like soy bacon, but it was OK. I have some ideas for the next time I try this.

The main problem with the cheese and tofu is that they stink up the kitchen when I open the bags they are sealed in.

On my "to do" list this spring: maple-cured, apple-smoked bacon.
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