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This song takes me back

Bridge of Sighs popped to mind the other day, and has been stuck playing in the fringes of my awareness ever since. It occurred to me that I have not listened to this song in a few years. I own Robin Trower's greatest hits CD, but I don't think I have pulled it out since I some time before I was married.

I love this song on many levels, from its ethereal quality to its slightly haunting lyrics, to the Hendrixesque guitar work. It has always been one of those "Oh, THIS song" tunes that would make me leap for the volume control when i was in my late teens.

But enough about music. Now to gaming.

I ran Dragon Soul with the new guild on Sunday. They were short a couple of bodies and grabbed me to fill a DPS spot. We did not clear the place because we hit the arbitrary stop time, but we one-shotted our way past the boat before calling it a night. atara joined us for the first few bosses before she stepped aside to make room for a second tank. They did not say anything to me, but they whispered to her that they were impressed by both our our dps outputs.

I think they are also impressed by our situational awareness, and ability to pick up on fight mechanics after a quick explanation. In fairness, we are both fairly seasoned raiders, and the Dragon Soul mechanics are not the most complicated ones in the game. Still, it was fun to get into a 10-man run again. Every time I run something in a 25-man environment, I realize how much more fun it is in 10-man, and I am reminded anew about how much I do not miss 40-man raiding.

In other news the GM in Solace pulled 35,000 gold out of the guild bank the other day and then transferred the GM title to one of his alts. I expect he did so in anticipation of transferring his main character to Alliance side to play with our Raid Leader (who did a faction transfer a few weeks ago -- which itself was a big part of what inspired atara and I to quit the guild and move our main characters elsewhere.

I would like to say that I am appalled, but I am not. I had pretty low expectations for these guys when they took over the guild, so bailing to play Alliance and cleaning out the guild bank do not come as a surprise. I have left my druid over in the old guild in case it rebounds at some point, and because there are still people there who I enjoy chatting with when they come on-line. If the GM does a server/faction transfer in the night then I am probably just going to move my druid over to the new guild and give up on the old one for dead.
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