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Dinner and a pony

Many years, and a couple of offices ago a co-worker shared a tale of woe with me about how he and his (now ex) wife had gone for dinner at the house of some of her friends. The hosts had brought out a big pot of soup, bread, and some hearty salads. He said that the soup and salad were both delicious, and really whetted his appetite for the main course -- until he learned that the soup and salad were the main course.

"What kind of people serve soup and salad as the main course? Soup and salad are appetizers; the main course is meat and potatoes. Without the meat and potatoes it just isn't dinner. Salad is not a dinner."

I told him about how our family often made a meal of German borscht, but he insisted his Portuguese heritage demanded that every dinner have meat and potatoes.

Well I think that salad can make a perfectly adequate dinner. This one consists of baby spinach, sliced strawberries, toasted pine nuts, croutons, and a bit of crumbled feta cheese. The balsamic vinaigrette dressing came after the picture.

About three weeks ago on Reddit, a thread came up about "Take Your Ponies to Work Day". I posted a smary reply about how every day is TYPtWD around here, and I linked to a picture of my little pony collection at work. The original poster noted the lack of Fluttershy in my collection and replied, "Do you not have a Fluttershy because you can't find her?" I lamented about how she is only available via the blind bags, and that none of the vendors in our city carry those.

I thought nothing more of the exchange at the time until about a week ago when he sent me a private message asking if I had managed to track down a Fluttershy. To make a long story short, on Wednesday two Fluttershy blind bags showed up in the mail earmarked for Me and atara. He insists that he does not need anything in return, but I've told him quite firmly to stifle his protests because I plan on sending back a return gift this weekend.

And now my little harem collection is complete. I packed them up and took them home shortly after this picture was taken, but my desk here is not going pony-free. I have brought in my McDonald's collection in its place.
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