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20120321: Hoofin' it.

If this weather keeps up, we will be bringing the bikes out of storage in the next couple of weeks. For now, we are walking our traditional cycling route, partly for the exercise, and partly to enjoy this glorious weather.

There was a Partners Delicatessen on the upper floor of this building when I first moved here, but it closed not too long after and the space has been vacant ever since. That's a shame, really, because this is a fairly nice venue with a pleasant view overlooking the pond. I think a mid-range restaurant could do well in this building, especially in the summer when it could cash in on the theatre crowd from Rainbow Stage.

As it is right now, the building is empty save the wash rooms and skate-changing area in the basement. Even the vending machines that were there last fall have since disappeared. I thought it looked picturesque reflecting off the duck pond in the twilight, and the picture partly bears that out. I rested the camera on one of the bridge posts and took five shots; one while holding the camera, two using the self-timer with slight changes in the zoom level, and two HDR.

I preferred the colour in the non-HDR shots, and went with the last one of the group. The only editing I did on this shot was to rotate the picture two degrees counter-clockwise because the surface of the post was slightly off level, and I applied a modest unsharp mask to bring out a bit more detail.

The concept of personal space is lost on Merry. If I had not moved my keyboard out of the way to get this picture, she would have had her head flopped over onto it, pressing random function keys for me. If she appears distracted in this shot, it is because Belladonna just walked past the computer room door on her way up the front hall. Merry is a cat of very little brain (a description that describes pretty much all of the furry quadrupeds who share our space -- yes, sorry folks, your dog is pretty stupid too). She tends to forget that the other cats exist the moment they leave the room, so when she catches sight of one again she becomes intensely focused on the "new" cat that just entered her world.
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