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20120317 -- Meat!

Other than a dash of seasoned salt on both sides, nothing touches these steaks but heat and a few licks of flame (which is inevitable with all the hot spots on this old barbecue). As you can see from the grill marks, I no longer subscribe to the school where you only flip your steak once. I flip them as many times as it takes to ensure even cooking on the outside, and a nice medium-rare finish inside.
This water park is fairly new - finished just in time for last summer. We walked by it the other night while we were out taking advantage of the warm weather. It looked really intriguing through he fence, slightly creepy even with the brilliant off-set lighting. I held the camera up to the chain links and snapped a couple of quick shots. The first was blurred, but the second one came out quite sharp. At some point I am going to start investigating the settings on this camera and figure out how to crank up the ISO to 3200 or higher for shots like this. I don't mind a bit of noise in a picture when I am planning to convert it to black and white anyway. With a bit of tweaking, sensor noise can be made to look like film grain.
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