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20120316 - Early spring

They were calling for 19 today and we topped out at 20 degrees. That is not too bad when you consider our usual highs for this time of year are in the 0ish range. We had the convertible out, and were cruising around in short sleeves with the top down before atara pointed out that it is still technically winter here.

If you corner a typical Canadian, there are three things that you do not typically hear in the same sentence: Winnipeg, winter, short sleeves.

Even more astonishing is that they are calling for +26 on Sunday and Monday. Those are summer temperatures. It is winter. (For my American friends, the weather forecast is calling for ~80 degrees on Sunday at a time of year when our normal highs are ~32 degrees). This does not just break records, we are obliterating temperature records.

I mentioned that we took the convertible out today, and we also went for a pleasant walk around the park up the road. This squirrel was too preoccupied by a big dollop of peanut butter in the feeder (just out of sight below the picture) to care that we were standing close enough to reach out and touch him. This picture was shot with virtually no zoom, and no cropping.

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