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A few more pictures

The weather has been unseasonably warm for the past few days. Long standing records have been falling left and right, and this afternoon was no exception. To give you some perspective about what I mean by record temperatures, the normal daytime high for this time of year is -1. The record high for this date was 7.3 degrees.

Today we hit 14.

On Monday they are expecting it to get to 24.

Naturally we took advantage of this weather to go for a walk along the river. We rushed home from work, fed the cats, changed out of our work clothes and fired up the Eos for only the third time since the start of winter. The river walk was a bit muddy in places, but far from impassable. We did a round trip along the Assiniboine from The Forks to the old curling club by the Osborn bridge. By the time we got back to The Forks, we both decided that food sounded like a good way to finish the evening, and after mulling over the choices we opted for the pancake house.

The service was slow to the point of being nigh brutal, but I got the impression they were very short staffed, so I cut them a bit of slack. When we finally got our food (nearly an hour after we arrived) it was hot and fresh. We amused ourselves by stealthily watching the antics of the large family sitting across from us. For the most part their antics consisted of being loud and boisterous. They were not outright rude and disruptive, but they surely did not lack for energy.

There were two incidents that I found especially amusing. The first was when one of the women pondered over the bill, then excused herself and bustled purposefully out of the restaurant. She returned about ten minutes later, and I did not hear what she said to the other woman at the table, but I heard the other woman's reply and quickly deduced that the first one had run off to the ATM on the other side of the building.

"No, look, it' doesn't say please pay cash it says please pay cashier."

The other thing that amused me a bit more than it appalled me was the hyperactive child who was literally bouncing off of the walls. He was doing circles around their table, jumping up onto chairs and back down again. They had been there for quite a while, and I did not begrudge him for getting a bit fidgety. On the other hand, he was also helping himself to packets of Splenda from the table. He would tear off the top, pour the sweetener down his gullet and drop the empty packet on the floor, run around a bit and then repeat the process.

The woman who I assumed was his mother was watching the process, so I guess she was OK with it.

As we made our way back to the car, we emerged on the top floor of the parking garage and atara remarked on how pretty the sky looked. Ours was the only car left on the roof, and she commented that it almost looked like a car ad. I have not taken a lot of low light pictures with this new camera, and I was curious to see how it would handle the lighting. I took two pictures in Program mode, and two HDR shots.

The HDR shots were both blurred, but the other two came out about like you see here. Other than cropping it slightly and boosting the contrast a bit, this is pretty much straight from the camera.

We took in the Normal Rockwell exhibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery earlier in the week. I have never been a huge Rockwell fan, but after taking in this exhibit I have grown to appreciate both the man and his work a fair bit more. The price of admission to the museum included headsets for a self-guided audio tour.

On our way to the exhibit we decided to try out the Elements restaurant in the new U of W campus in town. Quite a few things on the menu looked tempting, but on a whim I went with the smoked tofu burger with sun-dried tomato corn salsa and pickled slaw. I was dubious when I first saw it, but it was delicious, and perfectly moist without being messy. My only complaint with the visit was that the waitress screwed up two parts of my order (forgot some of the sides for my coffee, and brought me the wrong soup), but they were both mistakes that I could have rectified by speaking up at the time, so I won't hold them against the place. Also the wrong soup was quite tasty, so I was not particularly hard done by. I feel it is worth a future visit.
While I have not exactly been tearing up the winning column in Tim Hortons rolled rims, I have been faring much better than atara with five wins to her one. I cashed out one of my free doughnuts this morning for a blueberry fritter. A line from Pink Floyd's Time popped into my head while I was eating it, so for the rest of the day I've had the song fragment "Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way" stuck in my head.
The weather was a bit too windy and chilly for a walk yesterday, but we went up to Assiniboine park on Tuesday and got in a healthy stroll. On the up side I got a closer look at this interesting metal sculpture that is located at the end of the foot bridge that crosses the river from the park. On the down side I stepped in what I thought was a snow bank while trying to get a clear shot of the formal gardens and found myself standing in slush up to my knees. I spent the next thirty minutes walking around in slush-filled sloshing shoes. It was moderately unpleasant.
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