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Unclearness on the concept

I got a snot-o-gram from our corporate travel policy office. It was not addressed to me specifically, rather to everybody who has done any frequent travel.

We recently switched suppliers for our corporate credit cards, and they are concerned because in a recent audit they discovered that very few people are using their corporate card for travel, relying on their personal card instead. They cited the policy where it says you are supposed to use your corporate card for all travel because it does everything from ending world hunger to giving the company greater leverage over its vendors.

There is only one very minor - niggling even - problem with this; I don't have a corporate credit card. I had one for years, then they put a clamp on corporate travel and subsequently cancelled my card because I was not travelling enough.

Then they sent me a replacement card -- which they told me not to activate because I do not travel enough.

Then they sent me a replacement replacement card to use when I got deployed on strike duty, but the strike never happened and they promptly cancelled the card again.

Last year they had me flying all over the country and staying in hotels every month or two. I put it all on my personal Master Card because I do not have a corporate credit card - rather, I have lots of corporate credit cards, none of which are valid or active. After talking with a number of co-workers with similar stories, I can think of a couple of reasons why people are not using their corporate cards.

I haven't managed to keep up with the daily picture routine, but I'm still taking pictures and uploading them a few times a week. I nabbed this picture of Merry as we were getting ready to head off to work yesterday. She thinks that she is being sneaky here. Merry knows that she is not allowed on the table, so she has camped herself at the end, biding her time until we leave.

We stepped into the kitchen for a minute and she apparently assumed that we were gone for the day, because when we returned to the dining room we found her up on the forbidden table. We shooed her off the table, but all three of us knew that she would be right back up there the moment we stepped out the door for work.

One of our vows for this year was to get ourselves out of ruts. We have made a bit of an exception for sushi though.
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