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The past couple of lunches I have packed for work have been crazy healthy. Today's lunch:

baby carrots
fresh cucumber
cheese (aged white cheddar and muenster)
grapes (red and green)

[not pictured]
banana (x2)
home made chocolate-cookies (x2)

The cookies are as a karmic offset for all the healthy shit.

In other news we are bailing on our guild in WOW. Technically our guild bailed on us first, but we have officially applied for another guild. Mind you, I am setting myself up for a fall here given that the other guild has not actually accepted our applications yet, but we are the kind of stable, mature players they are looking for so I don't think it will be a problem.

We're planning to leave our alts in the old guild for now - especially the druids who are about as well-geared as our mains are anyway - but only because there are still people in that guild who we like. Also it's kind of hard to just up and leave a guild that you've invested close to 5 years in, but more so than any time in the past I get the feeling the guild is all-but done for now.

Our GM has announced that he is going to play SWTOR until the next expansion comes out, and has not logged in for a month. Our RL said the same thing, but I noticed that he came back and quietly faction-changed his two main characters a couple of days ago without saying a peep in the forums. Many of our key raiders have slowly bled away to other guilds, or simply stopped logging in.

This other guild is the one that we almost joined instead of Solace after the break-up of TA. They are still around, and they still have 14-15 people online on any given night. Ultimately our reason for moving is because we are tired of logging in and being the only two people on-line as often as not.
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