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2012YIP - Brunch

We stopped at Mountain Bean for brunch again today. I don't know if I could rightly say that we discovered this place since it has been there for some time, literally right under our noses. We have driven past it many times while out for a cruise in the VW and have spoken often about how we should "stop in there some day."

Since there were no dogs tied up outside this time, I turned the camera inwards and snapped a picture of my lunch. I ordered one of the breakfast wraps from their sandwich/dessert case because I was in the mood for something moderately light for breakfast. I expected that they would probably microwave it for me before they served it, but long after we were seated and atara had received her own (heated) breakfast, I was still waiting.

When they finally put it on the counter and called for me, I was treated to this grilled delight. Not only was it attractive, but rather than the expected "eggs, ham, cheese and mystery sauce" filling, it actually had potatoes and spinach instead of the ham and, well, a mystery sauce as well - but it was good.
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