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2012YIP - Mardi Gras

They are doing some kind of Mardi Gras festival at the convention centre later this month, and as part of the promotion for it they filled one of the vacant retail spaces with this kind of thing. There were coloured lights playing over the decorations, pulsing various shades of red, blue and green. I took a few shots to try and capture it in red, but the pulses were very brief, and did not seem to be following a pattern. Eventually I just settled for what I had and moved on.

I shot this one in raw to see if I could spot much of a difference. The difference bordered on astonishing. I don't know if it was the camera's native noise suppression, or if it just has a very noisy Jpeg algorithm, but I couldn't believe the difference in the level of detail between the original, full-resolution pictures.

Here is another picture in my "Negatives Roulette" series. I won't be doing this every day, probably more like 2-3 times a week. There is a box of negatives and pictures downstairs that I should bring up as well to expand the pool a bit. Not that we have any shortage of negatives to choose from up here.
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