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2012YIP - Dog days of... winter?

While we were on our way home from town today, we started tossing around ideas for lunch. We debated coming home for self-serve lunches, or stopping somewhere on the road. We established that we were both hungry, but not starving so atara suggested we might hit up a coffee place for something light. I started running through the rather thin pickings for coffee places in Winnipeg that were not Starbucks, Tim Hortons or Robins when I suddenly remembered Mountain Bean up on Henderson. This place caught our eye some time back, and it has been on our must visit sometime list for ages.

It turned out to be a pleasant little place stocked with lots of coffee marked as "fair trade", and sporting a variety of tasty and inoffensive foods. I grabbed a sandwich and coffee, while atara settled on apple crisp and tea. We planted ourselves by the window and could not help but notice the dog chained up outside the restaurant. Normally I would be concerned if I saw a dog chained outside in the winter here, but our weather has been freakishly warm this winter, and she looked more bored than cold. Black dog on white snow. The detail on the dog is not great in this shot, but I don't know a lot of cameras that would handle that kind of contrast well without using HDR or some kind of exposure lock.
By the time we got home from lunch, the weather had turned amazing. +7 is almost unheard of here at this time of the year. If it is not another record, I am sure it will be very close. We put dressed up in our fall wear and went for a pleasant, hour-long stroll around the park. Usually the snow here is too pebbly, or powdery to pack into a snowball, but with the warmer weather you can actually do fun things with it. Somebody took advantage of the occasion to make a snow family.

Snow Family
This is... well, it's a rock. It caught my eye so I snapped a picture of it. I don't know why I took a picture of a rock. I think it looks cool. Don't you think it looks cool? Actually I was just testing out the camera again. I hadn't got a chance to look at the dog pictures from earlier, and I wanted to see how well it would deal with some challenging contrasts. I shot his one in RAW, but I ended up just using the jpeg from the camera. I did a slight tweak to the colour correction, but otherwise this is how it came out. I think it did a decent job capturing all of the textures and detail.
Show Rock
I am generally pleased with this little camera, but having run it through a number of paces has made me come to appreciate the quality of pictures I get from my older DSLR. The quality lenses, faster focusing response and larger sensor all combine to create a noticeably better final product. On the other hand you can definitely see some of the newer technology at play in this little portable. It handles low light remarkably well so far (thank you CMOS sensor), and it is surprisingly good with its automatic colour correction, face recognition, and figuring out what I am trying to focus on. There have only been a couple of shots so far where I was trying to take a picture of one thing, and it figured I must want to take a shot of the person in the background because OMG THERE'S A FACE.

It does a little better if I shoot on P rather than AUTO - plus, I get RAW images when I do that, but I lose a couple of the nice automatic touches it has. I will probably continue to shoot on full Auto unless I am shooting something that I think will give it (rather, me) problems if I don't switch to program mode.
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